Fence Heights: How High Should You Go?

DSCF0299-84-800-650-80Homes feel more secure whenever they have a fence around them. Apart from security, fences make homes have some level of privacy. Not every person would want their neighbors looking at them as they jump into their swimming pool. There are different kinds of fences that individuals can choose from. The most common type of fences includes privacy, semi-privacy, containment, and landscaping. All these fences serve to make the property more secure or more appealing.

Check Regulations

There are regulations in various states that may apply, depending on the purpose of the fence or where it will be placed. The most common questions asked ishow high to go.This can be an important question. One example includes certain regulations for pool areas. Another would be for junk yards and another may be for dumpster zones. Not only may states regulate fence heights, but also your local ordinances. Elite Fence in Plain City knows Ohio and local regulations and can guide you to the right height based on your intended purpose.

Choose the Height Limit for Your Fence

If you are putting up a fence and stay within state and local regulations, you can usually decide on what height will be best for you. The height can differ in the front and back of your home. Four feet tall is the recommended height in the front of your home. But this can go up to six feet in the back yard. But if you need to increase the height due to various reasons, you usuallycan.

Get a Professional

It is essential to contract a company like Elite Fence in Plain City, OH that fully understands the local height requirements. Getting the right company will ensure you have the best fence that gives security and privacy while meeting the required standards. There are not too many restrictions in Ohio, but it’s not worth guessing.

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