Fun Facts About Fences

Fences should not be confused with walls. Generally, walls are made of solid materials like concrete while fences are made of light materials like wire mesh among other materials. Fences, unlike walls, can be made of live plants like Kei Apple (Dovyalis Caffra).

The longest fence in the world is in Australia. Dingo Fence, which stretches 5,614 kilometers (3,488 miles) in length and 5.9ft in height, was constructed between 1880 and 1885. Another name for this fence is Dog Fence. It was primarily designed to keep wild dogs out of the fertile southeastern part of Australia.

The second longest fence in Australia, and of course in the world, was constructed in 1907. It stretches 3,253 kilometers (2,021 miles). It is called Rabbit Proof Fence and extends the entire length of Australia. This fence was 2.5 times longer than that Great Wall of China. Its primary purpose was to prevent rabbits from damaging food crops.

Contrary to what many people believe, the US/Mexico border fence was not designed to keep smugglers at bay. The very first wall was constructed by the Federal Bureau of Animal Industry. The original purpose of the wall was to help deal with ticks. US cattle ranchers used to complain that Mexican cattle kept wandering into their ranches and infesting American cattle with ticks. After several years of such complaints, the original US/Mexico border fence was erected. The wall was made of barbed wire strung on wooden posts.

In ancient times, the cheapest alternative to erecting a fence was to dig a deep ditch or trench and fill it with water. This kind of fence was called a moat, and was used to keep attackers at bay.

Many premises are required by law to have appropriate fences. These premises include zoos, military areas, and industrial plants premises among others.

Did you also know that front fences come under the jurisdiction of local councils as far as their specifications are concerned, while rear and side fences are a civil matter? Did you also know that the highest fence in Queensland cannot exceed 1.8 meters? Now you know.


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