Tips For Keeping Your Landscape Manicured

gsappp img 8425 120213All home owners dream of having perfectly manicured lawns and gardens. However, very few are willing to invest the time, effort and money needed to maintain a perfect landscape. It is important to note that there are a few crucial tips you can follow to make your work easier, and below are four crucial tips to keeping your landscape in immaculate condition.

Mow Your Lawn Properly

It’s not enough to simply mow your lawn if you want to maintain a well manicured landscape throughout the year. You need to learn how to mow your lawn properly. Ideally, you should mow your lawn leaving just enough greenery to support photosynthesis. To do this, you shouldn’t cut more than 1/3 of the blade. You should also mow your lawn only when the grass is dry, never when wet.

Water Your Grass and Garden Adequately

You also need to water your grass and garden adequately to maintain a perfectly manicured landscape. Watering is dictated by a variety of factors, the most important of those being the soil type, grass type and weather. Ideally, you should water your lawn more often when temperatures are high (hot summer days). It’s also advisable to water early in the morning and/or later in the evening since this is when evaporation is minimal. Research on your grass and soil type to determine the best watering practices.

Aerate Your Lawn

Your lawn also needs to be aerated properly to thrive. You can aerate your lawn by raking frequently. Raking prevents soil compaction which is known to stifle root growth. Raking also discourages weed growth. To get the best results, it is advisable to aerate your lawn when the soil is a bit moist, and not when it is too dry or wet.

Keep the Edges Looking Perfect

Perfect lawn care isn’t just about trimming grass. You also need to trim the edges of your lawn, next to any fences or posts, and any yard corners to make everything look perfect. Trimming the edges frequently will give your yard a neat and perfect finish.


In summary, the above tips are the most important to consider when you want to keep your landscape perfectly manicured throughout the year. Although there are many other tips to consider, the above tips are bound to get you started on the right path.

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