What Is a Composite Fence Made Of?

4064-101413-gs4064Many people these days use composite fencing instead of wooden or iron fencing and that is because it is a much more suitable option in terms of cost through its longevity, but at the same time it can also improve the look of your property. Elite Fence in Columbus, OH installs composite fence and can provide more information if you need it. While initially composite fencing is going to feel and look like it’s a real wood fence, it's actually not made of wood but of recycled materials like wood fibers and plastic.

What Is Composite Fencing Made Of?

Composite fencing is generally made from at least 2 types of materials verses items like traditional metal or wood. It can therefore be made of cement based products like fiber reinforced cement. On the other hand, composite fencing can also refer to a large range of thermoplastic products that are strengthened by wood pulp to help ass more strength and provide good stabilization.

And whilst it's true that composite fencing has a few things in common with classic plastic or vinyl fences, the fewer types offer a variety with better strength. You can also get composite fencing that is made out of fiberglass materials which is a common composite component derived from fibers that have been embedded in a resin matrix.

Sourcing the Materials

If you're wondering where the wood flour comes from, it's generally sourced from the furniture industry, while the HDPE are obtained from discarded structural plastic materials that usually include milk bottles, soda pop bottles, food containers, disposable product trays, etc..

It's an Environmentally Safe Product

Since composite fencing is made out of 50% to 100% recycled materials, it is a green solution that doesn't affect the environment as much as other types of fences. The materials used for composite fencing are generally vinyl, recycled wood flour, and also recycled plastics. Given the fact that composite fencing is not laced with hazardous chemicals, you don't have to worry about harmful substances leeching into the surrounding area.

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