What Is The Best Fence For Pets?

dogconfusedWhen it comes to escaping from your yard, pets are expert magicians. One moment they're on the inside; the next moment they're out. You may be trying to figure out how they did it even as you go out to retrieve them. There are a lot of dangers for pets once they escape, but the right kind of fence will put a stop to the escape artists.

Two-Way Protection

Fencing your yard in an attractive but secure way means blocking three basic ways of escape: over the top by jumping or climbing, through gaps, and underneath by digging or wriggling. Don't underestimate pets' talents at any of these. Of course, animals roaming your neighborhood may want to get into your yard as well, especially if there's trash or pet food stored in the yard.

The best choices are fences that politely but firmly keep your pets on the inside. These include:

  • Wood panel fences
  • Chain link fencing, with plastic coating for improved appearance
  • Utility or garden fencing
  • Farm fencing

They all provide a barrier tight enough to block pets, and can be buried a bit to prevent escape underneath. Wood panel fencing is the most private and secure, and the best choice for most pets. Wire fences don't block the view as much.

Anticipating Escape Tactics

Be careful about wire fences that have openings big enough for pets' heads to get wedged in and stuck. Fences should have a barrier below the ground to avoid digging, and be tall enough to avoid jumping -- generally about six feet. For cats, an additional inward facing barrier at the top, angled to prevent jumping, will keep these acrobats in your yard.

For Best Results

Don't forget, a good fence only works when it is given a chance to. If kids are leaving the gate open, there's something piled by the fence that helps climbers escape, or damage goes unrepaired, you may be risking tragedy. Good fences protect your dear animal friends -- but only with your help.For an expert opinion on which fence is best for you, call Elite Fence in Plain City Ohio.

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