gskm 042114 question 1110When it comes to escaping from your yard, pets are expert magicians. One moment they're on the inside; the next moment they're out. You may be trying to figure out how they did it even as you go out to retrieve them. There are a lot of dangers for pets once they escape, but the right kind of fence will put a stop to the escape artists.

Two-Way Protection

Fencing your yard in an attractive but secure way means blocking three basic ways of escape: over the top by jumping or climbing, through gaps, and underneath by digging or wriggling. Don't underestimate pets' talents at any of these. Of course, animals roaming your neighborhood may want to get into your yard as well, especially if there's trash or pet food stored in the yard.

The best choices are fences that politely but firmly keep your pets on the inside. These include:

  • Wood panel fences
  • Chain link fencing, with plastic coating for improved appearance
  • Utility or garden fencing
  • Farm fencing

They all provide a barrier tight enough to block pets, and can be buried a bit to prevent escape underneath. Wood panel fencing is the most private and secure, and the best choice for most pets. Wire fences don't block the view as much.

Anticipating Escape Tactics

Be careful about wire fences that have openings big enough for pets' heads to get wedged in and stuck. Fences should have a barrier below the ground to avoid digging, and be tall enough to avoid jumping -- generally about six feet. For cats, an additional inward facing barrier at the top, angled to prevent jumping, will keep these acrobats in your yard.

For Best Results

Don't forget, a good fence only works when it is given a chance to. If kids are leaving the gate open, there's something piled by the fence that helps climbers escape, or damage goes unrepaired, you may be risking tragedy. Good fences protect your dear animal friends -- but only with your help.For an expert opinion on which fence is best for you, call Elite Fence in Plain City Ohio.

gsappp img 8425 120213All home owners dream of having perfectly manicured lawns and gardens. However, very few are willing to invest the time, effort and money needed to maintain a perfect landscape. It is important to note that there are a few crucial tips you can follow to make your work easier, and below are four crucial tips to keeping your landscape in immaculate condition.

Mow Your Lawn Properly

It’s not enough to simply mow your lawn if you want to maintain a well manicured landscape throughout the year. You need to learn how to mow your lawn properly. Ideally, you should mow your lawn leaving just enough greenery to support photosynthesis. To do this, you shouldn’t cut more than 1/3 of the blade. You should also mow your lawn only when the grass is dry, never when wet.

Water Your Grass and Garden Adequately

You also need to water your grass and garden adequately to maintain a perfectly manicured landscape. Watering is dictated by a variety of factors, the most important of those being the soil type, grass type and weather. Ideally, you should water your lawn more often when temperatures are high (hot summer days). It’s also advisable to water early in the morning and/or later in the evening since this is when evaporation is minimal. Research on your grass and soil type to determine the best watering practices.

Aerate Your Lawn

Your lawn also needs to be aerated properly to thrive. You can aerate your lawn by raking frequently. Raking prevents soil compaction which is known to stifle root growth. Raking also discourages weed growth. To get the best results, it is advisable to aerate your lawn when the soil is a bit moist, and not when it is too dry or wet.

Keep the Edges Looking Perfect

Perfect lawn care isn’t just about trimming grass. You also need to trim the edges of your lawn, next to any fences or posts, and any yard corners to make everything look perfect. Trimming the edges frequently will give your yard a neat and perfect finish.


In summary, the above tips are the most important to consider when you want to keep your landscape perfectly manicured throughout the year. Although there are many other tips to consider, the above tips are bound to get you started on the right path.

A great looking fence will help the appeal of your landscape, and add quality and value to your outdoor living spaces. For information, guidance, and installation, call the experts at Elite Fence of Ohio.

110 1113tm vector2 997Fencing has become an integral component of business. A fence serves dual purposes; it provides security for your property and protects your privacy by keeping unwanted elements from your business. There are many different fencing styles and designs to choose from. An ideal privacy fence should combine aesthetics with function. Here are tips on how to choose the right fence for your business.

Consider Your Budget

When you want to protect your property and your beloved family, you often don’t think cost is important. However, cost is extremely important when choosing a fence for your business. Fences are usually priced by their size, so the first thing you need to consider is how large the area is. Do you want to fence the entire property or just part of it? If you know exactly what you want, then it will be easier to save some money.


There are different types of security fences out there today, and you want to get the one that suits your needs and also looks good. We’ve all seen the ugly security fences in the neighborhood. Nobody wants to drive by an eyesore each day, so getting something that is effective in deterring criminals while still looking good is important. You can even look around your neighborhood and see what fences they chose. Are they tall or short? Are they wood or metal? Also check the colors used to make sure you choose the best fence.


Do you want a tall perimeter fence or something smaller that will allow you to see over it? Do you want to prevent people from cutting through your yard or climbing over it? There are many types of fences for all your needs, and different companies are willing to help you find the right one. Elite Fence of Ohio are experts who know how to choose the right fence for you.


When choosing a fence for your business, you need to keep your location in mind. Do you live in an expensive, upscale area or one that is more prone to accidents and crime? Choose the right fence that fits the level of crime that exists in the area.


Sometimes how busy a business area is is the most important thing to consider when choosing a fence. If you’ve small children frequenting your business, you might consider a strong, tall security fence. If there is a busy street, the last thing you want is for someone on your property to get injured.

IMG 0794 166 800 650 80If you are in deliberating on whether to have your yard fenced or not, then you must know that there are several reasons why homeowners consider adding a fencing. Even while looking for homes to buy, people consider an already fenced-in yard as a plus point. If you happen to own a home where all the homes are built in close proximity to one another, it becomes really important to add fencing, and the reasons being are as follows:


This is the first and foremost reason for having a fenced-in yard. After all, who likes to compromise with the neighbor's guests and disturbances while enjoying time outside with their family? Employing a fence would give you your own outside space. Fencing behaves like an actual physical boundary that demarcates your home. Privacy is a luxury that you must have.


Fencing keeps your pets and children safe. They will find it difficult to leave the premises of your home without permission. Your little ones would be able to play safely, without you having to think about the traffic and other hazards of a busy road. It also keeps the trespassers away.

Controlled Accessibility

If your backyard has a hot tub or a swimming pool, you can control who can access it by adding a fence with a gate lock. The piece of mind this will bring is priceless. A fence adds to you backyard pool safety.

Adds to the Aesthetic Value

Fencing beautifies your home and yard space. They come in a wide range of materials, colors and designs. You can select them according to your taste.

A fenced in yard will give you privacy & complete control over who can have access into your space. If you are not concerned about security, then perhaps you can have it to add to the landscape, or simply to add to the value of your home. You can consult Elite Fencing in Columbus, Ohio for  high quality fences installed at affordable prices. Their skilled team offers great advice, and would love to help you out.

IMG 0712 169 800 650 80Chain link fences offer many benefits to homeowners and are a smart addition to any property. They are maintenance-free, and they’re a cost-efficient way to keep your property secure. Investing in a high quality fence will ensure that it can withstand intruders and bad weather. Chain link fences are highly durable and hard for anyone to break into. They can be installed by a professional or on your own. Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH, offers high quality fences at affordable prices and their highly skilled team can offer professional help even if you decide to install the fence on your own. Reasons to install a chain link fence include:

Securing your yard

Installing a chain link fence is a crucial step towards keeping intruders out of your home. Although it is a simple fence, it will offer high security advantages to your property. You can set your fence to your desired height to meet maximum security.

Securing your flower garden

A chain link fence can keep out unwanted animals that destroy flowers and vegetables. This is especially important if you depend on fruits and vegetables from your garden to feed your family.

Regulating the movement of your livestock

If you raise livestock, a chain link fence will help secure the animals. You can regulate their movement and prevent them from making certain movements which may be dangerous to them or yourself.

You will benefit greatly by installing a chain link fence around your property. This maintenance-free, durable, low-cost option is an easy way to keep your home, your family, your garden, and your livestock safe and secure.

IMG 0711 168 800 650 80There are many people who prefer fences for their backyards or other areas in the outdoors. While a fence enhances the security of your home, it also makes the area aesthetically more appealing. These days, you can choose from a wide range of materials for fences. It’s important to conduct thorough research and make sure you choose a material that suits your specific needs, requirements and budget. In this post, we will discuss a few materials to help you make a good choice.

Wooden Three Rail

Such fencing consists of basic wooden posts. Each post is about 8-12 feet apart. Between the posts, you can see three rails. This type of fence is considered affordable, however it requires a lot of maintenance. Moreover, these fences are not suitable when you have pets or children in your home.

Wire Mesh

These types of fences are available in either loose mesh or tight mesh. It’s better to buy tight wire mesh fences to make sure your pets or children don’t escape the area, and since loose wires can cause injuries. In order to make sure the wires remain tight, you need to check them regularly.

Vinyl Rail

These fences don’t need to be painted often, and they don’t require a lot of maintenance. It’s worth mentioning that vinyl fences are quite expensive. However, they are available in a wide range of colors and styles. It’s important to understand that vinyl fences aren’t very strong. Thus, they can be easily broken by intruders.

Electric Fences

Last but not least, these fences are chosen by people who are looking for enhanced security. They make sure your pets never run away, and intruders are unable to enter the premises. These fences are quite expensive, and don’t focus on enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the area.

Elite Fence in Plain City, Ohio is always happy to answer fencing questions, and help you make the right choice.

2467 101413 gs2467If you want to keep your property private, then using a wood fence is certainly a good way to do it. However, you should know that the nature of the wood makes maintaining this type of fence a bit more difficult than different types of fences. While it does take some work to maintain its look and quality, a wooden fence is always the better choice if your main concern is aesthetics and looks. Elite Fence in Plain City are experts and are ready to help.


The first step you should take involves checking the pickets on your fence to make sure that no nails have started to rot or have come out. If you find any loose nails, then either replace them with new ones or just hammer them in. If you do find a picket that’s broken or rotting, just put in a new one. Keep in mind: if you have sectional fencing, then each section needs to be properly checked to ensure it's secure.


If you see any mildew on your fence, you absolutely need to clean it up as soon as possible. You can do it easily with some water, soap and a scrub brush, but you can also use a mildew cleaner. After you've cleaned the area, hose it down. It's also a good idea to once in a while scrub the entire fence with water and soap so you can remove all that nasty grime and dirt that’s been building up. After that, make sure you rinse it with cold water.


It's recommended to paint a wooden fence every few years, but if you don't want to paint it, you can always stain it. To do so, you can use either a paint sprayer, a brush or a roller but do keep in mind that if you choose to use a sprayer, you may easily over spray it. That is why you should place some cardboard above and behind it. However the easiest way is to always use a brush or a roller.

IMG 0793 171 800 650 80Decorating your home’s outdoors is not a time consuming or complicated task. With some simple additions, you can make your home’s exterior look aesthetically appealing. Whether you're considering adding a patio, concrete pathways, miniature statues or ornamental fencing, you will have to hire a professional like someone from Elite Fence in Plain City for the job.

In order to make the outdoors look aesthetically appealing, you can choose from different kinds of fences. You can choose the construction material based on the specific purpose for the fences. Most common materials used to manufacture fencing include steel, wrought iron, wood, vinyl and aluminum.

While installing garden fences, it’s better to surround the entire structure or landscape. For visual appeal, you can even surround the landscape area with a fence. This will highlight the area. The primary purpose of ornamental fences is to draw more attention to a structure.

Overview of Garden Fences for Decorating Outdoors

When you choose the material for the fence, it’s important to think about the purpose. While some people buy fences for decorating outdoors, others also give importance to security. If you want to focus on both, you will need to look for a durable and strong material. You will also need to determine an appropriate size for the fence.

Tall garden fences are commonly used for security purposes. It’s important to understand that some materials need more maintenance than others. For instance, wood should be painted regularly. On the other hand, metal fences don’t need a lot of maintenance.

While installing fences, you must also consider the children or pets in your home. Fences around some visually appealing areas, such as swimming pools, should meet safety and building standards. This keeps your loved ones protected.

Last but not least, you should hire a reputed and experienced company for installation and maintenance. This will ensure your outdoor areas are more appealing and safe for your family members and pets.

nx construction worker planBefore attempting to fix a leaning fence, you will need the following tools:

  • Hammer
  • Nails
  • Shovel
  • Sledgehammer
  • Lumber posts
  • Wooden stakes
  • Concrete

You can hire a professional, or you can decide to do the job yourself. Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH, has highly skilled specialists ready to help you. If you choose to do it yourself, their professionals can give you expert advice before starting this task. Here are a few simple steps to follow when fixing a leaning fence:

Push the fence back into its upright position

Using a post, you will need to support the fence and make sure that it is in its upright position. You will probably need help to complete this step because the fence can be very heavy. After you’ve pushed the fence into the upright position, you will need to dig a hole for the supporting post.

Install a supporting post

A supporting post will do what its name implies—it will support the fence and keep it upright. You will need to dig deep into the ground to avoid similar incidences in the future. Once you’ve dug deep and put the post in place, you need to make the post stand firm.

Poor concrete to the hole to secure the post in place

To make the post stay firm in position, you will need to pour enough concrete around it. After the concrete dries, it will ensure that your post stays in upright position. Once you’ve confirmed that the concrete is dry and the post is upright, you will need to nail the fence so that it will be firmly attached to the post. This will act as a support, ensuring that your fence remains upright. You should use long nails which will prevent the fence from sagging.

3081-101413-gs3081If you’re itching for a new project and think your home could use an improvement, try getting creative with the landscaping around your fence areas. Most homes have fences to keep their property safe; if you don’t, it is recommend that you install one to ensure the safety of your home and your family. The highly skilled professionals at Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH, offer quality fences at affordable prices, professional installation, and expert advice if you decide to install a fence on your own.Creating a beautiful landscape doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re wondering how you can get creative with your landscaping, here are a few tips to help you get started.

Plant trees and shrubs

Trees and shrubs are a wonderful addition to any landscape and can offer added privacy and security to your fence and property. Keep in mind that trees and shrubs will need to be trimmed regularly so that they do not interfere with the fence. Mixing green shrubs with colorful flowers can add warmth and beauty to the landscape.

Plant ornamental grass in pathways

Planting ornamental grass in the pathways of your landscape is a great way to separate different areas in your yard. You will be able to easily direct people through your yard and prevent unnecessary damage to your lawn.

Plant climbing vines on your fence

Climbing trees, such as Lathyrus Odoratus, bring life to your landscape and are a gorgeous way to accentuate your fence. You can also decide to hang flower pots on your fence, which is a good option if your fence encloses a small yard.

Plant evergreen plants

If you want your yard to stay green all year long, you should consider planting evergreen plants. There are varieties that do well year-round and some boast colorful flowers. You can also consider planting vegetables during the winter to keep your landscape beautiful while your family benefits from the extra food.

120322 0001-29-800-650-80Not too long ago, homeowners had limited options to choose from when building fences for their homes—metal or wood. Nowadays, vinyl and composite fences are also available and offer many benefits. These types of fences are stronger and more durable and they require little to no maintenance. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages to consider before making a final decision. Below is a brief comparison of composite and vinyl fencing.


Vinyl fencing is made from PVC (polyvinyl chloride); high-quality ones contain virgin vinyl or high-quality, recycled scraps. Low quality ones are made from weak plastic scraps. This type of fencing also has a double layer of titanium which protects it from the damaging effect of sun rays. The railings and posts are hollow, making them lightweight and easy to work with.

Composite fences are made from a combination of plastics called resins and wood fibers. Most of these fences are solid, although you can find some large fence posts that are hollow. High-quality composite fences closely resemble real wood fences and give a classic appearance.


In general, both composite and vinyl fencing will last longer than wood or metal; however, in extremely cold weather, vinyl fences can crack or shatter if they are hit. Extreme weather conditions will cause wear and tear on vinyl fences and may require you to replace your fence more often.

On the other hand, composite fences can withstand extreme weather conditions because they contain natural wood fibers. If the fence is made with high-quality material, it can resist peeling, pests, warping, and rotting. Some composite fences have lasted for more than 25 years.

Environmental Considerations

Vinyl fences are not environmentally-friendly. This is because the chemical used (vinyl chloride monomer – a carcinogen) may bleed out while it is being manufactured, releasing dioxins into the soil, which are very harmful to plants and animals.

Composite fences are a more eco-friendly option because most manufacturers use non-toxic types of plastic; however, it is possible that a manufacturer may use PVC and polystyrene (a carcinogen), which are not environmentally-friendly. The safest options are those that use high-density polyethylene and low-density polyethylene.


Both composite and vinyl fencing follow the same installation procedure. Each will come with the necessary installation tools, accessories, and manufacturer’s instructions which should be followed. Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH provides high quality fences at affordable prices. Their highly skilled team will install your fence or offer expert advice if you decide to do it on your own.

4417-101413-gs4417If you’ve grown tired of your blandvinyl fence and are thinking of installing a new one, you may be surprised to know that there are ways to change the look of your vinyl fence, saving you money and giving your home a new appearance.

Before you begin making any changes to your fence, it is important to make sure that it is clean. Begin by hosing the fence down with a garden hose; use a sprayer attachment if you have one. If there are stubborn stains that still plague your fence after you’ve sprayed it down, the next step is to wash them with a bucket of warm water and dish soap.

Paint Your Vinyl Fence

Painting your vinyl fence allows you to express your creativity and make your fence unique; it will feel like you purchased a brand new fence without spending the money. There is specific paint made for vinyl fencing and it is highly recommended that you only use this type of paint. Spend time looking around your property and choosing colors that will enhance the natural beauty of your home before you make any final decisions. You want to be confident in your color choice before painting to avoid the hassle of repainting.

Add or Change the Lighting

By changing the lighting around the fence, you can give it the bold or subtle change that you’re looking for. You have many options to choose from—from the type of light to the color it emits—and it can give your fence a brand new appearance. You should consult a professional before adding or changing the lighting around your fence.

Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH offers high-quality vinyl fences if you decide that your fence needs replacing. It is important to install a high-quality fence to ensure that it can withstand warping, rotting, and insects. If you notice that your fence has begun to rot, you should consider replacing it before painting or adding new lighting.

2488-101413-gs2488Installing fences might look like an easy job, but it is important to remember that installing a good quality fence is not just about digging holes and sticking fence posts in them. Pet containment, privacy, plant support, and decoration are some of the reasons why you might want to install a fence. Below are some of the reasons why you should choose professional fence installation from a company like Elite Fence in Plain City, Ohio:

Use of the Proper Equipment

Different types of fence installations require different types of tools for completion. Besides having readily available tools, professional fencing companies have the technical know-how and experience of handling these tools. Therefore, hiring a professional saves money from renting or buying tools and learning how to use them.

Faster Completion of the Job

Owing to their years of practice and experience, fencing companies have perfected various processes of installing fences. And besides completing the job sooner, hiring a professional fencing company gives you the assurance that the job will be done correctly. 

Choosing the Best Fencing Material

There are various important factors that must be taken into consideration including the local climate, soil conditions, and wind tendencies. Professionals know the advantages and disadvantages of various types of fences, and they will help you choose the best fence or even introduce you to better fencing options.

Factors such as the purpose of your fence and your future plans must be taken into consideration before choosing and installing a fence. The professionals at Elite Fence can also provide useful suggestions for the style and placement that best suits your yard or property.

DSC049491-37-800-650-80There are many reasons why more people now have privacy fences around their homes. This is mainly due to the benefits that they are able to derive from the fences. The benefits of privacy fencing include:

Privacy and Safety

First and foremost, many people choose privacy fences simply for the purpose of having privacy from their neighbors and others. Privacy fencing can protect you from prying eyes watching your children play in your yard, you grilling out, or you relaxing in your yard. It can also keep your children and pets safely within your yard and deter criminals from attempting to enter your yard.

Yard Decoration

A privacy fence can make your home more appealing, in turn increasing your home value. The fence can also accentuate and plants or flowers you have planted in your yard, and make your garden stand out more within your enclosed yard space. You should choose a fence that works as a good accent for your home’s design.

Sound Barrier

Privacy fences, if the right material is chosen, can act as a sound barrier for your property, reducing things such as road noise from being such a bother.This can keep your yard more peaceful.


The privacy fence can act like a windbreaker and it will reduce the wind’s effecton you or your property. Reducing wind can protect your plants and flowers from wind damage and reduce the instances of items in your yard from being blown around.

And if you were interested in having a privacy fence installation done on your property, then do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Elite Fence, in Plain City, Ohio.

4064-101413-gs4064Many people these days use composite fencing instead of wooden or iron fencing and that is because it is a much more suitable option in terms of cost through its longevity, but at the same time it can also improve the look of your property. Elite Fence in Columbus, OH installs composite fence and can provide more information if you need it. While initially composite fencing is going to feel and look like it’s a real wood fence, it's actually not made of wood but of recycled materials like wood fibers and plastic.

What Is Composite Fencing Made Of?

Composite fencing is generally made from at least 2 types of materials verses items like traditional metal or wood. It can therefore be made of cement based products like fiber reinforced cement. On the other hand, composite fencing can also refer to a large range of thermoplastic products that are strengthened by wood pulp to help ass more strength and provide good stabilization.

And whilst it's true that composite fencing has a few things in common with classic plastic or vinyl fences, the fewer types offer a variety with better strength. You can also get composite fencing that is made out of fiberglass materials which is a common composite component derived from fibers that have been embedded in a resin matrix.

Sourcing the Materials

If you're wondering where the wood flour comes from, it's generally sourced from the furniture industry, while the HDPE are obtained from discarded structural plastic materials that usually include milk bottles, soda pop bottles, food containers, disposable product trays, etc..

It's an Environmentally Safe Product

Since composite fencing is made out of 50% to 100% recycled materials, it is a green solution that doesn't affect the environment as much as other types of fences. The materials used for composite fencing are generally vinyl, recycled wood flour, and also recycled plastics. Given the fact that composite fencing is not laced with hazardous chemicals, you don't have to worry about harmful substances leeching into the surrounding area.

120409 0090-30-800-650-80You have probably seen many of your neighbors renovating their houses to create an attractive environment. However, they forget the fact that the outdoor wood fence also needs some decoration in order to be uniform with other areas within that area.

You might also have observed that many of them haveoutdoor wooden fencesinstalled and neglect them in terms of repairs and maintenance. Elite Fence in Columbus, OH installs wood fences and many other types, but it is the homeowner’s job to keep them up. Decorating creates a very large contrast between the inner and the outer areas of the home. Unfortunately, the ugly fence overpowers the beauty from a decorated area. Here are some of the best decorative ideas for outdoor wood fences.

Landscape Solar Lights

Solar lights are a big addition to your wooden fence in case you have been neglecting the same. They are very easy to install and maintenance is not as expensive as you think. They create very attractive scenery which makes the whole compound attractive even if the home is not that attractive. On the other hand, the solar lights not only beautify the fence but also the environment around your home. Make your fence the talk of the town by installing solar lights on your outdoor wood fences.

Post Top Lights

This is also another additional factor that has made several fences you have ever heard of stand out. They are easily installed on top of the wooden fences to act as an attractive area for the fence. They should be installed carefully on top of the wood fence posts and act as a good source of illumination at night. Another good thing with this type of lights is that they act as security lights outside your home.


Painting your wood fence is a major milestone towards ensuring that it does not rot or weather. This preserves its colorful nature and beautifies the environment as well. Thus, installing solar lights, post top lights and applying paint and stains on your outdoor wood fence are some of the best ways to keep your home and the external environment cool and impressive to look at.

country-pool-92313-67Installing a fence around a pool is usually done for safety, but can have other benefits as well. These benefits make a fence worth the costs that you are incurring during its installation. It is better to be safe than sorry. If you can prevent something from happening, it is better to do so than to live with regret later on. Below are some of the reasons, including safety, for why you should install a fence around your pool:

Protecting Your Kids and Pets

A fence around the pool will reduce the cases of pool accidents. It will limit the access that small children and pets have to the pool area, avoiding drowning situations from little ones falling in, either on their own, or following pets in.

Keep Out Unwanted Guests

A pool fence can reduce the chances of unwanted guests accessing your pool. This could be neighborhood kids, and prevent neighbors’ pets and other animals from accessing your pool as well.

Increases Property Value

The installation of a pool fence has the potential to increase your property value. Often, if you are getting ready to sell or rent your property, potential buyers or renters that are parents are going to be looking for a home with a pool safety fence.

Increase Bookings

If you own a resort hotel it is important that you have this type of fence. Most people who have kids and are looking for destinations to go will want places that have pool fences so that they can be sure about the safety of their kids. This will increase bookings in your hotel.

And if you are looking for someone to handle a pool safety fence installation for you, then do not hesitate to contact the professionals at Elite Fence, in Plain City, Ohio.

4997-101413-gs4997The right fence will protect your home and keep your pets in, while also bringing in a bit of elegance to your yard. There are plenty of fencing materials available on the market to choose from. They can be built to several heights and also be designed to match your tastes. Deciding which type of fence is ideal for your needs and your home is the first and foremost step in fence building. Here are a few tips on choosing fence materials.

Wood Fence

Wood fences are a beautiful and classic option for your home. Generally, wood fences are built out of top quality materials, like redwood and cedar. Pine is a more affordable solution and is the most common, but the other types are more appealing and more dependable. Regardless, your wooden fence can be built to provide your property an improved level of privacy.

Metal Fence

If you're looking for an optimum level of security for your property, a metal fence could be the perfect option for you. Materials in this category normally include steel, aluminum, and standard wrought iron--a costly but attractive choice. Metal fences can also be built with both ornamental and functional aspects that will fully secure the border of your home. Because of their style and beauty, metal fences can definitely increase your home's market value.

Vinyl/Composite Fence

A composite fenceprovides the look and feel of original wood, with no need for regular repairs and maintenance. It offers that wood grain feel, even if you choose a color like gray. Vinyl fences are also called plastic fences and generally provide a flat, smooth look in various colors—mostly gray, tan, and white. Vinyl fencing is highly durable and lasts for many years.

No matter what you desire fencing for, you'll always find the right choice that suits your tastes, your property's landscape,and your budget. Elite Fence in Plain City, OH carries a wide selection of options for you to choose from.

DSCF0299-84-800-650-80Homes feel more secure whenever they have a fence around them. Apart from security, fences make homes have some level of privacy. Not every person would want their neighbors looking at them as they jump into their swimming pool. There are different kinds of fences that individuals can choose from. The most common type of fences includes privacy, semi-privacy, containment, and landscaping. All these fences serve to make the property more secure or more appealing.

Check Regulations

There are regulations in various states that may apply, depending on the purpose of the fence or where it will be placed. The most common questions asked ishow high to go.This can be an important question. One example includes certain regulations for pool areas. Another would be for junk yards and another may be for dumpster zones. Not only may states regulate fence heights, but also your local ordinances. Elite Fence in Plain City knows Ohio and local regulations and can guide you to the right height based on your intended purpose.

Choose the Height Limit for Your Fence

If you are putting up a fence and stay within state and local regulations, you can usually decide on what height will be best for you. The height can differ in the front and back of your home. Four feet tall is the recommended height in the front of your home. But this can go up to six feet in the back yard. But if you need to increase the height due to various reasons, you usuallycan.

Get a Professional

It is essential to contract a company like Elite Fence in Plain City, OH that fully understands the local height requirements. Getting the right company will ensure you have the best fence that gives security and privacy while meeting the required standards. There are not too many restrictions in Ohio, but it’s not worth guessing.

Dogwood Active Yards-83-800-650-80Homeowners who want to construct a privacy fence have a lot of choices for embellishing and customizing a fundamental privacy fence. This informative article offers suggestions for combining different fence styles to make a privacy fence that stands out.

Privacy fences have become very common and widespread. A fundamental cedar fence joins coveted privacy from neighbors using a tidy, straightforward appearance. When it is duplicated in yard after yard, it can become somewhat monotonous. This is the opportunity to choose a type and style you really want and one that stands out from many others in the area.

Lattice Top Fence

The lattice top fence is an average variation of privacy fencing, with a segment of ornamental lattice along the top. Creative homeowners can take this notion a step farther by incorporating lattice segments into the body of the fence to make a fascinating, semi-private effect. You can make use of a narrow segment of lattice as the frame in a picture frame fence, or alternative lattice segments with solid planks.

Semi-Privacy Fence

Homeowners who want partial privacy without feeling closed in can pick a semi-privacy fence. All these are generally shorter than standard solitude fencing, with little spaces between the planks. Choosing between the different width and plank heights can create aesthetically pleasing designs. Consider using tall, thin planks and putting them 1/2 inch to 3/4 inch apart. The slotted effect is likely to make the fence look more open, while the height will supply the chimera of extra privacy.

Semi-privacy vinyl fences have distinct fashion options and are 3 to 5 foot tall. They have little openings between the pickets, allowing for the airflow and the sun. The picket spacing determines the quantity of solitude. Some semi-private vinyl fence designs are nearly complete solitude.

Semi-privacy fencing is made by enabling a tiny opening, generally a few inches, between each board in order to enable individuals and creatures to see through while still stopping anyone from crossing over. The incentive to a semi-privacy fence is the fact that the wind can pass harmlessly between the boards, rather than using direct pressure to the fence. Staggering boards on both sides of the primary supports will enable wind to pass through, but will also allow it to be harder for individuals and creatures to see through.

Taking the information provided here ahead of time can help you select the product that fits your needs the best, while also giving you something to be pleased about. Elite Fence in Plain City, OH has what you need and can provide helpful ideas to help you come to the right decision.

dogconfusedWhen it comes to escaping from your yard, pets are expert magicians. One moment they're on the inside; the next moment they're out. You may be trying to figure out how they did it even as you go out to retrieve them. There are a lot of dangers for pets once they escape, but the right kind of fence will put a stop to the escape artists.

Two-Way Protection

Fencing your yard in an attractive but secure way means blocking three basic ways of escape: over the top by jumping or climbing, through gaps, and underneath by digging or wriggling. Don't underestimate pets' talents at any of these. Of course, animals roaming your neighborhood may want to get into your yard as well, especially if there's trash or pet food stored in the yard.

The best choices are fences that politely but firmly keep your pets on the inside. These include:

  • Wood panel fences
  • Chain link fencing, with plastic coating for improved appearance
  • Utility or garden fencing
  • Farm fencing

They all provide a barrier tight enough to block pets, and can be buried a bit to prevent escape underneath. Wood panel fencing is the most private and secure, and the best choice for most pets. Wire fences don't block the view as much.

Anticipating Escape Tactics

Be careful about wire fences that have openings big enough for pets' heads to get wedged in and stuck. Fences should have a barrier below the ground to avoid digging, and be tall enough to avoid jumping -- generally about six feet. For cats, an additional inward facing barrier at the top, angled to prevent jumping, will keep these acrobats in your yard.

For Best Results

Don't forget, a good fence only works when it is given a chance to. If kids are leaving the gate open, there's something piled by the fence that helps climbers escape, or damage goes unrepaired, you may be risking tragedy. Good fences protect your dear animal friends -- but only with your help.For an expert opinion on which fence is best for you, call Elite Fence in Plain City Ohio.

iStock 000018772472Small---CopyControlling pets in your yard or homestead can be a daunting task. One of the best ways of controlling them is by installing a fence. There are different types of fences on the market so finding the right one that is to your liking should not be a problem. Here are some tips for choosing a pet friendly fence:

Keeping Your Pet Safe: 

You need to choose a fence that will easily keep your pet contained and won’t allow them to easily escape. You should also avoid fencing where your pet could fit their head through and possibly get stuck. Your fence needs to not only control your pets’ movements but also not cause hazards for them. This means that you should not purchase a fence that has pokes, as it can easily rub and even prick their skin. Instead, go for twisted fences that cannot injure them even if they were to rub their skin on it as they play.


The cost of installing fence varies depending on the special features. It is recommendable to compare all the costs when choosing your fence, to avoid spending more than you can afford. A professional in this field can help you make an informed decision in this area, as they have in-depth understanding on various fences. 

Finally, ensure that the fence is installed correctly to get maximum utility from it. Start monitoring your pet’s movements today by having your fence installation handled by the professionals at Elite Fence, in Plain City, Ohio.

6-121013-bkst-1575One of the benefits of installing a vinyl fence is the fact that it is considerably lower maintenance than wood fences. However, a vinyl fence still needs to be cleaned from time to time, and if you’re thinking it’s time to clean your fence, here are some tips to make it an easy, quick job!

General Cleaning

Vinyl is extremely easy to clean, and if you’re just looking to shine it up and make it look like new again, all you need is a hose with a sprayer, some dishsoap and water in a bucket, and a car-washing sponge.

Spray off the fence first, as this will likely remove most of the dirt and debris that might be clinging to it, and it will also make scrubbing those stubborn areas a little easier.

Starting from the bottom of the fence, use the soapy sponge to wash the fence in the same way you’d wash a car. If you find a stubborn spot, give it a little more elbow grease, but for the most part a quick wipe is all you’ll need.

When you’re done, rinse off the fence from the top down, and you should have a vinyl fence that looks brand new.


Once in a while, your vinyl fence might pick up stains, especially grass or stubborn dirt. If you’ve got a stain that’s not coming clean with a little bit of wiping, you may need to grab a bleach and water mixture and give it a good scrubbing.

As before, work from the bottom of the stain toward the top, and when you’re done, rinse from the top down. Don’t use an abrasive scrubber, though; as this will scratch your vinyl fence.

If your vinyl fence is looking worn out beyond what a cleaning can do or if you’re just looking for a new style, check with the professionals at Elite Fence in Columbus, OH, to see what kind of new vinyl fence you can get for your yard.

4134476-backyard-garden-040214-2474When it comes to fencing, there are a lot of styles and materials. How do you know what’s right for your yard? How do you know which one to choose? It starts with deciding what you need from your fence, what suits your family and your yard, and what you like about the fences you see.

From there, you look at the different types of fences and decide which one suits what you’re looking for most. Consulting a professional can help when you’re trying to make a decision, but you have to start by knowing what you want.

What Do You Want From Your Fence?

What is the most important feature of the fence for you? Is it the privacy? The style? If you’re looking to enhance your garden, for instance; you’ll need a different kind of fence than what you might choose to keep your pet in your yard.

You’ll also want to consider the maintenance of the fence you choose: do you want a fence that is extremely low maintenance, so you can install it and not think about it too far beyond that? Or do you want something that looks great but might require a little more work from you?

Types of Fences

Three of the main types of fences are:

  • Picket Fences
  • Pool Fences
  • Privacy Fences

Picket fences are great if you’re looking to inject style into your yard. A white picket fence certainly brings classic appeal, but you can go with other colors to make your home stand out from the neighborhood.

Pool fences serve a purpose, and an extremely important one: keeping children safe. If you have a pool and small children in your house, having a pool fence that they are unable to open is extremely important.

Privacy fences are most commonly seen in backyards and are very tall to limit intrusion. These are the best fences to keep animals inside your yard and children safe.

You can find some of these fences in vinyl, wood, or composite materials. Vinyl is low-maintenance; wood is strong and classic; and composite seeks to bring together the best of both worlds.

When you’re trying to choose the fence you need, Elite Fence in Columbus, OH, has the experience to help.

5452-101413-gs5452The first thing that people who have never been to your home will see when they approach it is the exterior since only the exterior can be seen from outside. The fences,  landscape, and design will all matter to someone who is seeing the house for the first time. If you are planning to sell your home and a prospective buyer arrives and sees that your exterior looks rough, they may even turn down the house. Remodel the exterior enough, though; and some may even think it’s a new residence altogether!

Trees and Shrubs

Adding trees and shrubs to the exterior of your home can have a huge impact on it. Many people love nature and want to see green plants near the house. You should consider planting palm trees and other shrubs that will make the exterior of you home more beautiful. The trees and shrubs should, however; be taken care off so as to avoid overgrown trees and branches in the home.

A stone path and a well manicured lawn will complement the trees and shrubs that you have added to the landscape. This may even make your home feel like a park where you can take a walk and be one with nature.

Granite Exterior

One of the best things that you can do to improve the appearance of your home is to add a stone exterior, preferably one made of granite. Granite homes are very beautiful and they come in various shapes and sizes. This may be a bit costly but it is worth it since you will be impressed with your home. If this is beyond your reach then you can opt for brick facade which will also be a nice improvement in your home.

New Fences

Whether you don’t have a fence at all or you need to replace your worn out one, Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH, can help you find the fence that will set your yard apart, giving it the look and feel you want, and maybe even the security and peace of mind you need.

iStock 000006338987XSmall---CopyWhen you think about what you can do to make the exterior of your home look better, you might come up blank because the focus is so often on the interior that we forget about the exterior though it is equally important. There are numerous things that you can do to make your home more appealing visually so that even you will be impressed!

Gate. When someone comes to your home the first thing that they see is the gate. If the gate and fence don’t make an impression, they will form some image about your home in their heads. First impressions are very important and will remain with the individual. Repair, treat, or have a new fence and gate installed if needed so you can be proud of it.

The Path To The Garage. When entering many homes, you will find a path leading to the garage or the house. In most cases, this path is usually neglected and no effort is made to make it appear more appealing. If you want your exterior to look better then change it up. If possible, plant flowers and other plants by the side to make your home look much more welcoming; people will like what they see.

Installing New Windows. When you look at the windows of some houses from the outside, you may be forgiven for thinking that the house has been abandoned. Sometimes, homeowners take ages before they decide to repair broken and damaged windows. Check the windows in your home and make sure they are in good condition; even garage windows shouldn’t be ignored!

Whatever you decide to do to make your exterior shine, consulting the experts on the big things is an important step. If you need a new fence, Elite Fencing in Columbus, OH, can make your yard look completely different with the perfect fence!

Wood fencing adds beauty and comfort to any landscaping and your home is no different. When installing wood fencing, it is time consuming if you don’t hire a professional, but it is well worth the outcome you get. There are several types of fencing you can choose from. Each one has its own look and purpose.

Dog-Eared Fence

Dog-eared fencing is commonly used for privacy purposes and makes it more difficult to see through. Each panel is installed one opposite the other on the sides so that a back and forth structure is created. The first panel is mounted on the inside of the frame while the second is mounted on the outside. This gives you an elegant look that a flat fence does not provide. However, you can see through it if you get close enough, but that is fairly minimal.

Picket Fence

Picket fences can add both security and appeal to your landscape. These types have the pickets mounted to the frame on one side. You can find complete privacy fence options in which each picket is closely together and you can find semi-privacy fence options in which each picket has a gap in between them. There are also choices in height and the 3-4 foot high fences are usually used as containment fences or as property markers. Both types enhance the look and value of the home with the beauty of natural wood.

Split Rail Fence

Split rail fencing is unique in a way that separates itself from the rest. It acts as a fence, but does not provide privacy or containment for most animals. This type of fence is constructed using split rail pieces in which you have a couple posts and some rails that go through the holes in the posts. These are commonly used for horses, but also get used as decorative pieces to open land areas. They can also serve as property markers, especially if you have a lot of land.

Home security is a matter that all home owners need to be concerned about. Creating a home that is safe for you, your family, and your property is a vital task. Installing a security fence around the border of your yard is one of the most important things you can do when creating a fully-secure home. 

Types of Security Fences 

In order to maximize the security potential of your new fence, you need to choose the type that's right for your property, climate, and budget. Here are a few of the most common types of security fences and the features that make them unique. 

Chain link fence: An affordable form of fencing used on commercial and residential properties. Sold by the foot, chain link fencing is suspended between evenly spaced steel fence posts and supported at the top by a tension wire. 

Vinyl fence: A vinyl fence may be made to imitate wood or metal fence material or may be added to an existing chain link fence for added strength and security. Vinyl is a flexible material that is easy to clean and available in many colors. 

Wooden fence: This is a traditional form of fencing, popular on residential properties. The height of a wooden fence can vary, as can the width and placement of each fence unit. 

Additional Security Features 

A fence's security depends on the material it's made from, its height, and its thickness. However, even the tallest and thickest fence is poor security if no thought has been given to gates and locks. Your gates can be secured by a single lock or multiple ones. 

Key lock: A standard mechanical cylinder lock with internal tumblers. This can be installed with basic tools and changed as necessary. 

Electronic lock: These locks are secured by a numerical keypad and/or electronic card reader and can be reprogrammed for added security. A gate with an electronic lock will secure automatically when it closes. 

Slide latch: Offering minimal security, a slide latch functions to keep the gate close rather than to seriously deter unauthorized persons. However, more advanced models can be secured with a padlock or combination lock. 

Locking latch: Similar to a slide lock, a latch will keep a gate securely closed though will not provide added security unless locked by the user. Modern latches have a space for the addition of a padlock; once in place, the padlock prevents the latch from operating. 

Securing Your Property 

The security fence you choose and have installed is a long-term investment in home security and in the value of your property. To get the most out of your fence and other security features, carefully consider your options before making a final decision; revising your fence at a later date can be very expensive. Consider any children you have in your family. Do you want a gate that secures automatically so they can't open it from inside the yard or are you more comfortable with one that they can use as necessary? How will your pets impact the fence - and vice versa? And finally, what is your budget? 

Your home's security should be one of your top priorities. By making wise decisions about fences, gates, and locks, you can significantly add to your properties overall security.


After you discover you have a damaged fence, you need to look for experts who can assist you in repairing it. You should try to repair the fence to avoid cases where intruders may slip in and end up stealing from you. Even if you have some knowledge on how to repair the fence, you should try and work with experts when repairing the fence. The following are reasons why you should work with experts when repairing your wood fence:

Saving Money

If you try to make repairs yourself, it may or may not have the best results, and could end up costing more in the long run. After you decide to repair your wooden fence with the help of experts, they will make use of your materials efficiently, therefore making the project more economical, enabling you to save money on the cost of the materials used in carrying out the repair work. Also, the work will be completed so as to be sturdy and lasting.

Saving Time

This will be possible because the experts are experienced, and will make use of the right tools to accomplish the job within the shortest time possible. Unlike when you try guessing and end up making the projecttake too much time and effort.

Experts are always best for all of your home projects. So if you have a fence that needs repairing, or you want to install a new fence, let Elite Fence in Plain City, Ohio assist your needs.

There are so many reasons to install fencing in your yard. First of all, it's a great way to keep your property divided and separated from your neighbor's. Secondly, it's a good way to keep kids and pets safe when they're playing outdoors. Lastly, good-quality fencing that has been installed correctly can look wonderful. There are a lot of different types of fencing out there for you to choose from, however, so keep these five things in mind to help you choose the right fencing for your home.

1. Price

Some fencing is much more costly than other types. If you're on a tight budget, you will definitely want to compare pricing between various types before making your decision.

2. Durability

Chain link fencing can last for many years, and high-quality wood that has been treated can last a long time as well. Before buying any type of fencing, you should inquire as to how long it will last.

3. Maintenance

Wood fencing may have to be repainted every few years, and plastic fencing can get very dirty if not cleaned regularly. Most fencing is relatively easy to care for, but you probably will want to find out about any maintenance that you will be responsible for to keep it in good condition.

4. Stability

Different fencing is good for different purposes. Some fencing doesn't work well for containing pets, and other types might be too short to keep kids from climbing. Think about what you will be using your fencing for, and choose a type that is stable enough for your use.

5. Appearance

Some people dislike the appearance of a chain-link fence, and some prefer wood over plastic. Take a look at the different styles and types, and choose a fencing option that you will be proud to have installed and displayed in your yard.


For your home to look attractive, you need to maintain its outdoor appearance, which includes having  clean fences. If you decided to install a vinyl fence due to its great benefits, then it is important and worth the investment  to maintain its cleanliness. You can clean it yourself with the right tools or you can hire a company that will clean the fence for you. Here are some tips for making a decision on a fence cleaning company.

Consider a Company with Good Rates

To get the best value for your money, you need to hire a company thatwill offer you the services at fair rates. You can easily know if the company is right for you by conducting a little bit of research on websites. Check for listed rates and compare them to similar services from other companies.

Hire a Company with Experience

It’s important to consider the experience of the fence cleaning company that you are interested in. To determine whether the company has experts who have a lot of experience, visit public review websites and read reviews from other people who have been served by the company before you.

Whether you had a fence installer recently put a new fence in or simply have an older fence that needs renewed, a professional cleaning company is a good idea so that your fence can look its best for a long time. Elite Fence in Columbus, OH can build a new fence that will be properly installed and last for years, but you will also want to keep it clean to help it last even longer and look great. 

You should always try to achieve the best in protecting your wooden outdoor fence if you want the fence to offer you maximum security. For instance, you need to carry out regular checks which will enable you know whether the wooden fence needs any repairs.

Remember, failure to carry out regular repairs on your fence can end up exposing you to dangers, even to the point of the fence failing completely, making you incur a lot of costs for repairing the fence. If possible, you should try and fix any damages that you may see to avoid their further damage, which can end up making the fence less effective in protecting your yard and home. The following are tips for protecting your wooden outdoor fence:

Replace posts after they become weak.

Wooden fences have posts which help in keeping them in position. After you notice the fences start sagging, you should try and fix them by digging deeper holes into which you can place the posts and fix them firmly. If possible you should try and use cement which will lay a strong foundation for the posts and the fence in general.

Try to paint your wooden fence after construction.

For your fence to stay in good condition, you need to repair it regularly. The paint that you use should be oil soluble for you to protect moisture from attacking the fences, which will lead to reducing their lifespan. If you are not sure on the type of paint which you can use on the wooden fences, then you need to contact your landscaping experts who will advise you appropriately. If possible, you should hire experts, like the team at Elite Fencing in Columbus, Ohio, who will repair your wooden fence or even repaint it in case you would like it to stay attractive.

When it comes to deciding on where to put fence gates, you should take your time and select the best place. This is necessary because if you make a mistake and decide on a wrong place for the gates, you will be later faced with difficulties. For instance, a badly placed gate can fail to allow vehicles from entering your home. Remember, there are times in your life when you will be required to use long vehicles to come into your home to deliver goods. The best place for gates should be free from obstructions and should allow the shortest route to your house. The following are factors you need to consider before you decide on a given place as the best for you to put fence gates:

Check on the shape of your compound.

The shape of your compound will play a major role when it comes to deciding on where to put fence gates. There are different shapes of compounds available, but for you to enjoy placing your gate at the best place, you should look for a position where the shape of your fence will not lead to making the gate prevent entry of cars or long vehicles into your compound. You may feel like you do not need long vehicles into your compound, but once in a while, the need may arise which makes it necessary for you to consider placing the gates in a strategic place.

Consider the strength of the fence in the place where you will like to place the gate.

The place where you should place the gate should have great strength to support the weight of the gate. This means that you should install the gate in a place where the posts supporting the gate are strong enough. If possible you should contact a professional who will help you in installing the gates.

Professional installation by Elite Fencing in Columbus, Ohio will ensure that your gate placement makes sense and will be reliable. 

A fence can be a key component of any home as it offers security and complements style. There are many options for fencing ideas for both backyards and front yards. Before you install a fence to your home, it is worthwhile to understand the different ways of matching fences to your home. 

Do you know what you want? If you wish for total privacy, a chain-link fence would be suitable. For a fence, you may want to add some decorations to make it visually appealing. Therefore, the starting point when choosing a fence is all about your preferences and needs.

What materials would you want to use for your fence? One of the popular materials for fences is wood. Although this kind of material demands constant maintenance, it is very appealing. Some other materials you might consider for your home include steel, bamboo and wrought iron.

Concerning matching fences to your home, the main issue is the fence design. Thus, as you choose a fence, you may want to consider the design of both the landscape and house. If yours is a modern style house, consider using aluminum or iron fences. These types of fences complement modernistic homes so well. Such homes may not appeal if they are fenced using split-rail fences. However, ranch-style homes would do well with split-rail fences.

Decorating a fence after installing is also a way of matching fences to your home. To customize the fence with the house, use finials or decorative posts. The color you choose for the fence should also match the style of your home.

These tips will help you make better decisions for your home fencing needs. Remember that installing a fence is not as easy as it sounds. For your project, you may consider contacting a fence contractor in your area for help. Stay with us for more fencing information.


These days, more and more cat owners wants to make their cats to feel safe and comfortable, and at the same time to improve their home. That’s why they start using fences around the yard for home improvement and secure a better life for the animal.

There are several ways to offer cats the fresh air, open environment and freedom of the outside world whilst minimizing and avoiding the dangers.

Moreover, for cat owners or those unfortunate have lost a cat to the road the cat fence is an effective way and almost invisible solution to the problem of letting your cat our safety. The best solution has to be free access between home and garden by a unique friendly fence

Benefits include:

1) Fresh air anytime that cat needs it; during the day cat can enjoy the sunlight.

2) Make choices with no worries; Cat can decide whenever he wants to go out or in to enjoy the nice day or even escape the bad weather.

3) More space will be available for the cat and for the owner if decide to get more cats

4) Secure the safety from road accidents or even other animals. It’s a good way to give peace of mind to owners.

5) Last but not least inexpensive security for catteries such as an outside exercise run for boarding or rescue.

Every cat owner knows that every cat has its own individual personality, each cat having its own quirks and qualities that’s why an addition option is to use cat proofing fences to avoid cat jumps at neighbors. This will also ensure that our cats would not use the gardens as litter trays, and would not get into fights with other animals.

From all above we can say that we can protect our cats, improve our home and make our minds throw away bad or unlucky moments that we had in the past.


You may be the DIY (do it yourself) type when it comes to building things around your home. You may think that your handyman skill will be useful when it comes to building a fence with no help from an expert. This might be true or wrong depending on the reason why you are putting up that fence.

Before you install your fence, ask yourself the reason why you are building it. If it is for keeping dogs out of your home, you can do it using the basic chain link fence by yourself. If you want to block noise from entering your home compound or even looking for more privacy, you will need to put up a big wall. You might not be in a position to do this and therefore require the assistance of a professional. The purpose of your fence will influence the build a fence yourself VS hiring a pro to a great extent. The first step is making a decision on what you are looking for.

You can also mix the do it yourself method and hiring a pro who can assist you. You can have a professional who will do the most difficult part of installing the fence like setting the posts to the ground properly and then you complete the project. You can purchase prefabricated units from home improvement centers, then trim them into the right width and then you secure them between the posts. You can also use brackets which make fixing of these units easier. This mix of building fences by yourself and going for pros installation saves you a lot of money. It also saves you aggravation because you let the professional handle the most aggravating work of fence installation. 

Whatever the choice you make between building a fence yourself VS hiring a pro, always remember to ask yourself why you are building the fence.


Planning a fence installation?

Great! It will give you privacy, will keep your property from intruders, and will help your kids and pets to stay safe, while enhancing the beauty of the neighborhood.

However, you can't start a fence installation on your own. In most cases, you would need to get a permit from your local city authorities before starting the work.

Why is it required? After all, it is MY Property.

True. But there are certain other facts the city authorities need to consider before allowing your fence installation.

For example, if a gas line is going just below your property, it may get damaged during fence installation. If your neighbor is not happy with the type of permit you install, or if the drivers on the road have a visibility problem because of that, city authorities need to take care of these cases.

Hence, it is always advisable to check with the local city offices if the fence installation requires a permit. Most of the states require a fence installation permit, few states and cities may be relaxed in terms of rules. Make sure you check with the right authorities before starting the fence installation.

In most cases, you should be able to get this information from a simple search on your city authorities’ website. Alternatively, you can pay a visit to their office, or let your fence installation company take care of that.

Either way, there will be a small fee involved in getting a fence installation permit. Usually it is in the range of twenty dollars. It may be higher in certain states.

When submitting for the permit, also ensure what documents you need to submit. For example, city authorities may want to know exactly where you want to install a fence, what type of fence it is going to be, what is the height, is there a no objection certificate issued by your neighbor about the fence you are installing etc.

Once again, you can refer to the website or the local city builders' office for getting this information. If you are using a professional fence installation company, they would have done this before and you will get a detailed set of instructions as well as sample documents.

Even if the fence installation permit is not required in your area, it is still advised that you follow the best practices in terms of not harming the city resources while you protect your privacy.


Fences should not be confused with walls. Generally, walls are made of solid materials like concrete while fences are made of light materials like wire mesh among other materials. Fences, unlike walls, can be made of live plants like Kei Apple (Dovyalis Caffra).

The longest fence in the world is in Australia. Dingo Fence, which stretches 5,614 kilometers (3,488 miles) in length and 5.9ft in height, was constructed between 1880 and 1885. Another name for this fence is Dog Fence. It was primarily designed to keep wild dogs out of the fertile southeastern part of Australia.

The second longest fence in Australia, and of course in the world, was constructed in 1907. It stretches 3,253 kilometers (2,021 miles). It is called Rabbit Proof Fence and extends the entire length of Australia. This fence was 2.5 times longer than that Great Wall of China. Its primary purpose was to prevent rabbits from damaging food crops.

Contrary to what many people believe, the US/Mexico border fence was not designed to keep smugglers at bay. The very first wall was constructed by the Federal Bureau of Animal Industry. The original purpose of the wall was to help deal with ticks. US cattle ranchers used to complain that Mexican cattle kept wandering into their ranches and infesting American cattle with ticks. After several years of such complaints, the original US/Mexico border fence was erected. The wall was made of barbed wire strung on wooden posts.

In ancient times, the cheapest alternative to erecting a fence was to dig a deep ditch or trench and fill it with water. This kind of fence was called a moat, and was used to keep attackers at bay.

Many premises are required by law to have appropriate fences. These premises include zoos, military areas, and industrial plants premises among others.

Did you also know that front fences come under the jurisdiction of local councils as far as their specifications are concerned, while rear and side fences are a civil matter? Did you also know that the highest fence in Queensland cannot exceed 1.8 meters? Now you know.


Home security is not a joke. You will need to take the likelihood of a thief breaking into your house quite genuinely. Indeed aside from the danger to your belongings, there's the potential for damage to go to your friends and family.

Don't wait; act today to make their security a top necessity. There are various approaches to do this. Some individuals look to an exorbitant home security system. While that can be an alternative, and one that ought to be explored, there are other, less complex, less high-tech strategies for reinforcing a home's defense. One extraordinary (and frequently disregarded) system is found in the demonstration of building a fence. 

There are various distinctive fences that includes Chain-Link, Wood, Cedar, Aluminum, Vinyl, Iron, steel shaft guardrail, and lots more. Getting the Right Fence for Your Home is always confusing. In that case the main step is to choose what sort of fence you require, then the style and plan that you need. Think about what you need your fence for, either for security or visual look. Picket fence are incredible to upgrade your scene and make it noticeable to passers, while protection fence conceivably suited for terraces that will keep the spectators away. Metal fencing is the most conservative and shoddiest, however it doesn't look alluring. For security pick press or steel fencing.

Stone fences are basically to add charm to your house rather than preventing from intruders. You can put upturned nails on the top of the fence, which will at least slow down the burglar. And yes stone fencing is expensive.

For almost centuries, white picket fences are an American symbol, but that interest began before home security was much of an issue. Today, a white picket fence is a wonderful expansion to your home, as well as a critical approach to undermine a robber's arrangements. Determine your development is strong. A fence of no less than 6 feet, with posts uniformly (and nearly) set, will make a compelling hindrance, liable to stop a thief in their tracks. 

The least attractive with respect to style, a chainlink fence is a standout amongst the safest hindrances you can put set up to ensure your home. Particularly, the steel could be especially viable for the territory behind your home, where individuals (aside from thieves) don't regularly go. Since this region is out of anyone's sight, you can hurl spiked metal wire on top, building the fence pretty much impervious.

The last that you need to do is get information regarding fence law in your city. Most of the time the contractor that you hire knows about the legal rules of fencing, but it is better to know it yourself.


If you own a garden or a yard, chances are you have a fence as well. These have to be maintained as they deteriorate over time if not tended properly. When you own a wooden fence, the wood needs to be protected in order to prevent it from wearing down. But, how does one do that? We’re here to help you figure out the proper way of maintaining your fence. 

Moisture is bad for the fence, as it starts the process of rotting in wood. The top of the fence post will also deteriorate in contact with rain, meaning you should protect it in one way or another. The best idea is to put a post cap over the top in order to prevent direct contact between wood and rain. Also, keep in mind that those fence tops cut at an angle you’ve seen in your neighbor’s garden are such for a reason – this is also a good way to protect the wood from the rain. 

Maintaining your fence also includes treating it with wood preservatives. The best ones for use on garden fences are those which are water-based, in order to protect the plants from chemicals found in other preservatives. Painting your wooden fence is another great idea of protection, as it creates a protective layer on top of the wood. Staining is often used for the same purpose because it seeps deeper into the wood, thus providing better protection. Don’t perform this in bad weather though; maintaining your fence is a process that should be done in sunny weather and in low humidity. Also make sure to evenly distribute the paint and stains when applying them on the fence. 

Applying insecticide is an essential step in maintaining your fence. Termites are known to destroy fences in no time, irreparably. Once this becomes an issue, you will have to completely replace your fence. Therefore, invest into some insecticide to keep those annoying termites away for good! Not only will they stay away from your fence and garden, but most likely your home as well. Remember that it is always easier to maintain and protect the fence than trying to repair it later on when common problems already occur. 

Lastly, don’t forget to oil the metal hinges of the gate that leads to and from your garden. Over time, if not oiled, these will rust which will produce a squeaky sound every time you open the gate. Prevent the problems from occurring by properly tending the fence before it’s too late. 


This question should be answered before building your fence. You should be aware of the boundaries of your property. You do not want to get into a dispute with your neighbor because the fence is three or four inches into their property. You do not want to be responsible for a feud that is as bad as the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s.

Another adverse consequence is that after building the darn thing, you will have to tear up all the work that you have done, due to the fence being on your neighbor's property. You should draw a line that is distinctive for you to read and this line does not fall into the next door neighbor's property. You should be aware of local zoning laws. Local zoning laws could be concerned with the height, width and length of the fence. If your property is a corner lot, you should make sure that you don't blind cars with your fence.

Also be aware of where the tree roots are on your property. You do not want to be that person who has to put a fence post through a tree root. Only Superman or Hercules will be able to put a fence post through a tree root. You will have to find those roots and dig to get to them. You will then have to cut them so you can put a fence post where you want it to be. It is not an easy task to get rid of the offending roots, but you will have to deal with the tree roots if you want to put the foot posts where you want them to be.

Where should I put my fence? You should put your fence within the boundaries of your property without violating local zoning laws or your next neighbor's property. You should not make sure that the fence posts will not be going through tree roots. These answers should make it easier to locate a place for your fence.


A home with a beautiful and professionally-installed fence not only adds value to the property, but also helps to keep out unwanted or uninvited solicitors, loose dogs, and stray balls from suddenly entering the yard. In addition to both the aesthetic-appeal of a wooden, chain-link, vinyl, or ornamental fence and the security it provides, a fence can add lots of privacy to your yard. Fence dealers carry a wide selection so there is a good chance they'll have what you need.

Here are some things to consider when exploring fence dealers:

Consider a fence dealer that specializes just in fence installations. The old adage, “Jack of all trades, master of none” applies to many industries, including fence installers. A company that focuses 100% of its attention, time, experience, and skills on “all things fence-related” can then confidently provide you with the most options, the best solutions to meet your particular needs, and the right information.

Consider a fence dealer that is a member of the Better Business Bureau.

Some consumers aren’t aware that not every business that applies for membership into the BBB (Better Business Bureau) gets accepted. A fence dealer who is a member adds an unspoken level of professionalism and integrity to their business credentials. As a current member of the BBB, a fence dealer agrees (to the BBB and their clients) to operate their business at the high level of principles set forth by the BBB.

Consider a fence dealer that has references.

Choosing the perfect material for the perfect fence is one thing, having the fence installed correctly, safely, quickly, and professionally is another.  You should be able to drive by the properties where the fence dealer has completed work, as well as be able to talk with and/or meet their previous satisfied customers.

It's crucial to let fence dealers know the purpose of your fencing and what you hope it provides. This will ensure that both the specific materials you want and the work involved meet your needs and your standards. By choosing a fence dealer who specializes in installing all types and styles of fences, is member in good-standing with the BBB, and who has excellent references, you can be confident you’ll have a fence surrounding your property that adds value, beauty, security, and privacy. 


A beautiful fence can provide a strong statement about a property by dictating the foreground element of the house when viewed from the outside, as well as the background element looking out from inside the house. Because of its strong aesthetic considerations, it is very important to consider the practical aspects of your fence: what you want it to do, whether or not it needs to be a certain level of strength, and whether or not it should impede vision enough to lend you privacy, on the same level as your visual concerns. 

As always, consult with your fence dealer as to what specific materials are available for your area, but if you're looking for a wood fence, consider both picket fences and lattice fencing. Lattice fencing provides a feeling of privacy without locking the yard in due to its structure. If more privacy is desired, lattices work wonderfully with vines, which can add a sense of majesty and mystery to the yard. If you're interested in a complete feeling of privacy, talk with your fence dealer about a tall picket fence, which more effectively screens out all prying eyes from your yard.

Alternate materials can provide a different sense of ambiance than wooden fencing, including vinyl and aluminum. Vinyl can provide quite a lot of value per dollar because of how inexpensive it is to upkeep compared to wood. Many designs for vinyl fencing are "hybrid" designs that allow for complete privacy on the bottom. They also have trim that is more ornamental, allowing for a blend of practical and aesthetic concerns to influence its design. It is also possible, for example, to have a panel-style fence on the bottom with a lattice overlay on the top, allowing for a little space for ivy to grab onto while still keeping an entirely private porch. 

No matter what material you use, remember that the type of fencing you use on your property is a major landscaping statement that you will send to your neighbors and guests. Therefore, be sure to give this matter the attention it deserves.


Your outdoor fence not only adds visual appeal to the home, but also increases its value. Because of this fact, it is very important to properly maintain its appeal and appearance. This can include many things, including post repairs, panel repairs, individual picket repairs, fence repainting, fence restaining, and even fence leveling. Here is some helpful information to get you on the way to a beautiful fence for your home.

Post Repairs

With the possibility of human or object collisions with your fence, a post can get damaged. It can also get damaged from freeze/thaw cycles or water rushes to the post area that loosens or shifts the soil. Most hardware stores carry post repair brackets that simply clamp around a broken, cracked, or snapped post to maintain or repair its stability and form. These supports are usually a couple feet long.

Panel Repairs

Damaged fence panels can occur by aging, rotting, cracking, warping, snapping, or even loosening, which alters the beauty and/or purpose of the fence. These panels serve as privacy fences, property marking fences, or even landscaping enhancement fences. With chipped or cracked panels, the privacy can be comprised, as well as the beauty of the fence for landscaping or property marking. Any damaged or warped panels can be replaced with a pry bar to the nails or a drill to the screws. A new on can then be added. The aging issue can reduce appeal and a new coat of stain or paint will improve it dramatically. These problems not only take away from the appeal, but also the home’s value.

Picket Repairs

A fence panel may be in great condition, yet have just one or two pickets affecting its appearance. In that situation, the money-saving option is to simply replace individual pickets. Many home improvement stores or fence installers carry these items. However, options are limited so it can be a hit or miss on matching them. Note that this option can be a challenge on blending into the fence unless the fence is painted. A stained fence can show weathering or wood of a different tone than the replacement picket.


Fencing can be a nice addition to any home, whether installed in the front or back. Not only does it add value to your home, it also makes it visually appealing. If you have been thinking about installing fence in your yard, it may be a great idea to follow through with. There are many advantages to outdoor fencing that apply to just about any home.

Fencing provides that private touch to your yard. Maybe you like an environment without others seeing you and what you are doing. Maybe you like the idea of relaxing in a cozy environment without interruptions. Sometimes, it’s just nice to have it all to yourself with no stray pets, no large animals, no neighbors, no cars passing by, and/or no interruptions. Privacy fence will help with that.

Aside from privacy, fencing can help protect and secure your home and belongings. They help protect against neighborhood kids, outdoor animals, trespassers, your neighbor’s pets, and even keep your pets in. Pet containment can be especially important with certain dogs to help prevent accidents or lawsuits. Each type and style of fencing has different purposes and features, but a solid fence with a good height is great for privacy and security purposes.

In addition, fencing additions increase the overall value of your home, while also bringing a unique touch to the overall appearance of your home. Depending on the fence you choose, some are private, some are semi-private, some are decorative, and some are either short or tall.

The top-most reasons people choose to install fencing around their home is for privacy and/or containment. In addition, most areas require fencing around pools. Usually, fencing is installed in the backyard of the home to help protect against straying animals or trespassing by others. They often get used for pets and help prevent the pets from leaving the property. The second most common reason is to increase home appeal, whether it gets installed in the front yard or in the backyard. Aside from that, there are many other reasons for installing fencing in your yard. No matter what purpose or reason you desire to have fencing for, it adds value to your home and requires little maintenance when installed correctly.


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