Maintaining Your Fence

If you own a garden or a yard, chances are you have a fence as well. These have to be maintained as they deteriorate over time if not tended properly. When you own a wooden fence, the wood needs to be protected in order to prevent it from wearing down. But, how does one do that? We’re here to help you figure out the proper way of maintaining your fence. 

Moisture is bad for the fence, as it starts the process of rotting in wood. The top of the fence post will also deteriorate in contact with rain, meaning you should protect it in one way or another. The best idea is to put a post cap over the top in order to prevent direct contact between wood and rain. Also, keep in mind that those fence tops cut at an angle you’ve seen in your neighbor’s garden are such for a reason – this is also a good way to protect the wood from the rain. 

Maintaining your fence also includes treating it with wood preservatives. The best ones for use on garden fences are those which are water-based, in order to protect the plants from chemicals found in other preservatives. Painting your wooden fence is another great idea of protection, as it creates a protective layer on top of the wood. Staining is often used for the same purpose because it seeps deeper into the wood, thus providing better protection. Don’t perform this in bad weather though; maintaining your fence is a process that should be done in sunny weather and in low humidity. Also make sure to evenly distribute the paint and stains when applying them on the fence. 

Applying insecticide is an essential step in maintaining your fence. Termites are known to destroy fences in no time, irreparably. Once this becomes an issue, you will have to completely replace your fence. Therefore, invest into some insecticide to keep those annoying termites away for good! Not only will they stay away from your fence and garden, but most likely your home as well. Remember that it is always easier to maintain and protect the fence than trying to repair it later on when common problems already occur. 

Lastly, don’t forget to oil the metal hinges of the gate that leads to and from your garden. Over time, if not oiled, these will rust which will produce a squeaky sound every time you open the gate. Prevent the problems from occurring by properly tending the fence before it’s too late. 


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